We do not discriminate on our site, the only thing we object to are pornographic and violent offensive videos that may be disturbing to others using our platform, if your account is found to be promoting such videos you will be permanently banned from our site. We do not mind some light adult content on our site however any hardcore pornography is strictly prohibited. In addition, all users are required to upload a face picture of themselves when signing up to our platform, this is to avoid spammers and fake accounts on our site, it is our policy to delete or ban profiles that have no profile pictures on their pages.

Sharing of Personal Information
By joining our site you will be giving us permission to share your personal details if it relates to violent crime that the main authorities need to be aware of. The safety of all our users is of utmost importance to us and we must all follow the rules of the UK when it comes to sharing information that may be used in the protection of vulnerable members of our site.